Holistic Health Educators Origin Story

Our Story so far...

The story of Holistic Health Educators starts with a powerful woman, mother, and overall go-getter Karen, who's also known as ZuZu and "the lady who talks about cells". Karen grew up having seizures and would have to travel around with a bell in case there was a sudden episode from her epilepsy.

Once she fell pregnant with her first child, she learned about how to naturally heal the body, and has never had a seizure since then! This lit a passionate fire inside her heart to ensure that everyone who suffered from forms of disease could understand the power of natural healing.

The journey continued and Karen went on to have 10 children and aimed to raise them with the fundamental knowledge of Holistic Health. While raising a family in a way that you could only imagine in a movie, Karen has produced an unbelievable body of work, some of which consists of; teaching, writing books, running restaurants, public speaking, community leader, mother, wife, product creator, chef...and the list continues....

Holistic Health Educators was born from the combination of a lifetime's worth of experience and the absolute need for this information to reach the masses. Karen has a philosophy that embodies the importance of being able to help just ONE individual. The mantra "do it for the one" carries through her spirit when she steps into teaching and ZuZu is projected into the people who seek this transformative way of learning about the human body.

More than ever the fundamental need for Holistic Health Education has been calling for teachers to show up and give people access to what seems to have become "taboo" or "alternative". Holistic Health Educators [HHE] wouldn't be where it is today without the heart and soul of one of Karen's Daughters - Amy Sprouse!

Amy knew the message Karen was sharing had to reach people ONLINE, and traveling around America to speak to rooms, and conferences wasn't enough to get this knowledge into every home across Earth. HHE began to expand its team as the organization developed and evolved online while the 67 Acre Lilly Fields Retreat in Hawkinsville, GA is still expanding to this day. Regular retreats throughout the year are hosted and the Lilly Fields Center really is the heart of the HHE operation.

The story is still unfolding, and the mission is well underway. With over 2,000 students who have learned from the best teachers and practitioners in the world, this really is early into the development of HHE.

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We Can Change This:
1. Natural health education has been missing from medical school curriculum since the 1910 Flexner Report. People are CRAVING to learn this information from a reliable source.
2. Many "alternative health" platforms are now heavily pushing supplements, instead of properly educating people on what their body can do on its own. The supplement industry has become another version of Big Pharma.
3. Making lifestyle changes takes TIME, support, know-how, and consistency. Without first hand demonstrations and a supportive community, lasting change can be challenging. Let us be the holistic family who shows you the ropes.
4. People's loved ones are suffering and dying from preventable diseases and painful conditions because they were never told their actual options. There are hundreds of ways to heal the body - why were you only told about a few? We educate both the patients and the practitioners. A WORLD OF HEALING AWAITS!
-Karen "ZuZu" & Amy (CoFounders of HHE)

Our Team

Holistic Health Educators is an international online school dedicated to teaching the science behind natural healing.

With over 45 instructors and 15 courses, we are on a mission to excite a passion for learning about the fascinating and inspiring processes that occur in each of our bodies on a daily basis. World class health education shouldn't come at medical school pricing. Everyone is entitled to learn how their amazing body works - and we love teaching them!